The entryway serves as the space that welcomes you in after a long day at work and the first impression guests have into your home. I’ve rounded up some of my favorite elements to help you achieve a warm, inviting entryway while creating both balance and functionality.

1. Console table – a console table can set the tone for the rest of the home, providing both style and function when you add light, a tray for keys and cell phones, and other accessories you’d like to highlight. Get creative and refurbish a mid-century cabinet or chest, which will also provide more storage space than a traditional console table.

wood chest 2-2
Collins Interiors

2. Statement lighting – statement table lamps, wall-mounted fixtures, and chandeliers create a mood and ambiance that can easily transform a room’s lighting from cold and harsh to warm and inviting when the right bulbs are used. I opt for dimmer bulbs on lamps so that when overhead lights are turned off, a soft and relaxing glow is emitted.

When you don't have dimmers, use 15-watt bulbs to simulate candelight. Works like magic.
House Beautiful

3. Storage – baskets offer textural interest paired with purpose as they are a versatile option for holding umbrellas, scarves, blankets, dog leashes, etc. that can be easily tucked away but still accessible.

Studio McGee

4. Seating – a chair, garden stool, or bench is a great way to provide additional seating for taking shoes on or off right by the door, tying back to both style and practicality.

Holt Interiors

5. Greenery – adding succulents, cacti, and other easy-to-manage plants is an inexpensive way to add color and life to this area.

Hillary Thomas

6. Rug – a highly functional rug is recommended since this is typically a high-traffic area. A sisal rug is a good option for this as the material can handle wear and tear, but if you’re feeling bold, a Turkish rug with vibrant colors is a good way to mask any foot traffic stains and provide a “wow” factor upon entrance.

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Park and Oak

7. Mirror or art – mirrors add depth and light while art can serve as a focal point and conversation piece with guests.

House of Turquoise

8. Accessories – my personal favorite element in interiors, as these are the items that make your home yours. Photographs, art, ginger jars, candles, books, and other collectibles not only display your personality but keep your home from feeling stale and staged. The most important tip here is that your home should be a curation of items collected throughout the years, which will keep your space authentic and remind you of the various people and places that are representative of them. Keep in mind the elements of a vignette below if you are struggling with balancing where to put these items on the entryway table.


With a carefully curated collection of the elements above, even small entryways can instantly open up your space and leave a lasting impression. Always remember to decorate around your lifestyle and what works for you.

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