Over the past year, my love for podcasts has grown exponentially. They’ve quickly become the soundtrack for my commute to and from work, my shower, doing chores around the house, and road trips. I no longer dread traffic jams and long trips because I know during this time, I can listen to these podcasts and learn something new or thought-provoking that puts me at ease and allows me to feel like I am making the most of my time.

With podcasts, I don’t have to use my eyes to absorb the information and the content can provide me with energy and encouragement I may not otherwise get during a stressful day. Depending on what type of podcast I’m in the mood for, it also provides me with a way of learning “on the go” and fulfills my need to continuously gain knowledge in different areas I’m interested in.

Below are some of my favorite podcasts I’ve been listening to recently – I hope you find some that interest you as well!

RISE Together – Rachel & Dave Hollis

This couple is #goals. I love this podcast because it shows you how you can have an exceptional relationship/marriage while also pursuing your career and being a great parent. They offer practical advice that anyone could connect to and I know my takeaways from it will carry with me in the future. This is also a great one to listen to with your partner, which I’ve done and really allows you to talk through things that are important to you that otherwise may not come up in every day conversation.

Favorite Episode: “How to Plan Out Your Life as a Couple”

The mindbodygreen Podcast

I have been following the mindbodygreen website for years and was so excited to learn that they had a podcast. Interviews from nutritionists, business owners, and doctors in the “wellness sphere” make this an interesting podcast when I want to hear other ideas that I may not otherwise research on my own. They keep the concept of a holistic view of wellness and have guests that don’t just fit a specific mold of being only plant-based, or only Paleo, etc. so listeners can learn more about other types of diets and why those may be beneficial depending on your body’s needs.

Favorite Episode: “Lauren Singer, Founder of Trash is For Tossers, On Being Waste Free & Stopping Climate Change”

The Goal Digger Podcast

I love the energy of Jenna Kutcher and her approach to life. While her podcast is definitely geared towards those with their own business, she offers great words of wisdom on time management, the power of saying “no” to things that don’t serve you, and how to run a business that can sustain itself without you burning yourself out. While I may not own my own business (yet), her teachings and some of the guests she’s brought on have given me encouragement and solid advice in all facets of both business and life.

Favorite Episode: “Why a Money Mindset Matters”

Oprah’s SuperSoul Conversations

Oprah goes deep in this one. I’ve never had so many expanded thoughts about the universe and our purpose on Earth until I began listening to this podcast. She brings on authors, actors, and poets with life-changing content that really dive into the concept of human suffering and how that can transform into some of the most beautiful lessons in life. I am left with such encouragement in humanity and our ability to inspire others going through hard times, and I now truly know that it’s in those difficult times that the most trans-formative things are happening within us.

Favorite Episode: “Rainn Wilson: Why Are We Really Here?”

EXPANDED Podcast with Lacy Phillips

Lacy Phillips is a manifestation guru based in L.A. that I’ve been following along with for years. She created a podcast that allows others to share their stories and act as “expanders” for what you want to attract into your life. Her guests are extremely interesting and the questions Lacy asks are insightful and make you think about how they might apply to you. She truly chooses guests that can help you on your own path to living an inspired, authentic life. If you’re open to it, there are many things you can learn about yourself through this podcast.

Favorite Episode: “Ep. 01 – Jenna Zoe, Human Design”

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