If you love blending muted textures and patterns, or even combining bold art and rugs, I’m here to help!

REVERIE Interiors specializes in virtual design services that can help transform lifeless rooms into unique and collected spaces. My signature style is creating fresh, layered interiors that pull from a variety of influences with both vintage and modern looks. I believe in an approachable and thoughtful design process that caters to each client’s individuality. Don’t be afraid to go bold or use a quirky mix of patterns if that’s what you’re in to. At the same time, if you like a minimalist look, we can style that too.

I’m here to help you define your signature style and create a space that you love, conveniently delivered to your inbox. I aim to support small and local businesses, sourcing from a variety of shops so your home feels more like you and less like a page from a catalog.

I look forward to working with you!

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